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Class Graph.GraphDisplay


public class GraphDisplay
extends Object
implements Serializable
This class is where all of the important information is stored. There are two hash tables for nodes and edges. There is also an adaptor that is used for forwarding events from objects in the GraphPanel (and GraphPanel, itself), to the current Collector of the events. Needless to say, most of the action happens "in" this class.

See Also:
GraphPanel, GraphEventsAdaptor, GraphEventsCollector, NodeFactory, EdgeFactory

Constructor Index

 o GraphDisplay(GraphEventsCollector)
GraphDisplay constructor comment.

Method Index

 o clear()
 o displayErrorStatus(String)
 o getEdgeFactory()
 o getEventsAdaptor()
 o getEventsCollector()
 o getGraphPanel()
 o getNodeFactory()
 o getScrollPane()
 o paintEdges()
Draws the edges
 o setEventsCollector(GraphEventsCollector)
 o setStatusLine(String)
 o toolSelected(String, Object)
Used for communication between toolbox and the graphDisplay


 o GraphDisplay
 public GraphDisplay(GraphEventsCollector gec)
GraphDisplay constructor comment.


 o clear
 public void clear()
 o displayErrorStatus
 public void displayErrorStatus(String status)
 o getEdgeFactory
 public EdgeFactory getEdgeFactory()
 o getEventsAdaptor
 public GraphEventsAdaptor getEventsAdaptor()
 o getEventsCollector
 public GraphEventsCollector getEventsCollector()
 o getGraphPanel
 public Panel getGraphPanel()
 o getNodeFactory
 public NodeFactory getNodeFactory()
 o getScrollPane
 public ScrollPane getScrollPane()
 o paintEdges
 public void paintEdges()
Draws the edges

 o setEventsCollector
 public void setEventsCollector(GraphEventsCollector gec)
 o setStatusLine
 public void setStatusLine(String status)
 o toolSelected
 public void toolSelected(String toolBox,
                          Object tool)
Used for communication between toolbox and the graphDisplay

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